I love
My Clients!

Apa Design is a Toronto based jewellery company owned and operated by principal designer Andrea Apa.

Apa Design specializes in custom work and helping their clients ideas come to light.

A little about me...

I came to be a jeweller/goldsmith in a round about way. My Dad says he isn’t surprised, at a young age I made things all the time. Countless hours were spent at a local bead shop designing new masterpieces.

Throughout school as an art student, I did not foresee a job in the art world. I was planning a career involving science, intending to pursue my art on the side. Quite the opposite happened, as indicated by my thesis collection - jewellery based on atomic and molecular structures.

After high school, I decided to postpone university for a year and travel as I had always dreamed. That big leap, at the age of 18, resulted in my being accepted to and attending one of the best art schools in North America.

Some of my favourite times were spent at OCAD University learning and growing into the artist I am today and the one I hope to be tomorrow. At OCAD, I met my (now) husband, my best friend and became a goldsmith.

I love what I do. Growing up, I observed both my parents, at one time or another, run successful businesses. Now, I run a business doing the work I love for great clients every day!

As any artist, I find inspiration in many places. Mine come from travelling, art, vintage jewellery, nature, biology, colour and texture. In designing a piece for you, these elements might be considered, but ultimately it’s you, the client, that I am looking to for inspiration.

What I love most is making one of a kind custom pieces for individuals. I enjoy working with an idea, a vision or even just a feeling and creating something tangible and wearable.

My desire is to create something you will cherish - an heirloom that will be treasured by you and by others in your family.

I would be honoured to create a piece just for you or for someone you love!



Andrea Apa Fine Jewellery